I believe that documenting your birth story can provides space to heal, a path towards owning your strength and seeing the true beauty you possess.


How do I know if birth photography is right for me?

I can not tell you if birth photography is right for you but I can provide a few reasons why it might be


this birth happens only once

there is no do-overs, no getting these moments back


allowing those who you want to support you be able to

and be present in this moment with you.


viewing your story from another perspective

sometimes high, sometimes low - a new perspective can be transformative


Don’t worry about missing these vital moments, you have a more important job to do.

Why risk missing a moment, a detail or forgetting to document some of the most important moments of birth?

Things happen quickly and you need to be focused and relying on your support person to be there for you.

You know that expecting a friend or family member to ensure that each emotion is captured, every detail thought of simply isn’t going to be enough.

That is exactly why you are hiring me.

To see the moments that you don’t. To document from a place of empathy, to honor the birth of this new human. To ensure that every piece of your birth story is told, you deserve that and so does your baby.





Photographic coverage from active labor until 1-2 hours postpartum 
Available for home births, birth centers and most hospitals
On-call 24/7 from 38 weeks to 42 weeks
No time limit on the session
70+ digital images

 $375 non-refundable retainer is required to book
Rest of payment is due by the birthing person’s 36th week
Payment plans are available
Images delivered digitally within 4 weeks of birth
Proud to offer all inclusive pricing with no hidden fees



Basic - 45 Minute Session 225
Herbal Bath
Parent & Me

Premium - 2 Hour Session 450
Honest Postpartum
Fresh 48
Family - Moment in the Life


Select your package and your corresponding individual session for a custom experience

Birth Story | $1275
70+ digital images

Birth Story + Basic Session | $1500
Birth + an Individual Session

Birth Story + Premium Session | $1725
Birth + an Individual Session – 1 ½ hours 30 Images 550

Birth Story + Basic Session + Premium Session | $1650
Birth + an Individual Session – 1 ½ hours 30 Images 550

Birth Story + 2 Premium Session | $2295
Birth + an Individual Session – 2 ½ hours 40 Images 765


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