Hello again, I’m Katelyn.
The grey haired & messy bunned, birkenstock wearing 31 year old behind the camera.


I am a wife, kitty mom, favorite daughter, sister, aunt x 8, friend, activist, Ally, an occasional knitter, a mysterious bruise squad member and a spreadsheet & Star Wars lover.

I grew up in New Hampshire as a shy child and truly still am with new people. In a family of first borns, I learned to appreciate the quiet moments, the moments others may miss. Documentary Style photography spoke to me. I picked up my first SLR camera and ran with it after taking a photography course in grade school and Continuing my knowledge throughout high school and college.

 On a normal day at home, there are three Guarantees - there is at least a cat on or around me, diet coke in arms reach and the tv is on. I’m always down to talk about the newest episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race or just rehashing the Office for the 928th time.

 When I'm not on call, my husband and I like to attend Comic Conventions, meeting some of our favorite actors and collecting autographs. We host our favorite holidays in our little log cabin, Thanksgiving and throw an annual Halloween Party and we absolutely love doing so. 

So.. why birth?

Those little faces below - I’ve watched them all enter this world and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

My first real experience with birth was my first nephew - pictured middle - I was overwhelmed with emotion and true amazement of my sister’s beauty, strength and resilience.

Birth is Raw, honest and absolutely brilliant.

when I was told baby number two was on the way, I asked if I could document it. After that I was hooked, totally and completely.

Subsequently, I attended a labor Doula training in Barre, Vermont - Home of the world's largest Zipper - organized by the Doula Project and was taught by DONA International Birth Doula trainer Rina Crane that started my journey to learn about all things birthy.

All I knew was I wanted to be allowed into birth spaces and I needed to understand what that Honor meant. 

When marrying my favorite guy, I gained two incredible sisters, their wonderful husbands and five of just the coolest kids to call my nephews. I am grateful to be able to watch them grow and document our lives together. 

Thank you for taking your time to learn more about me. 

 I know hiring a photographer can be a daunting task - I will do my best to make it a relaxed and fun experience.

I want to give you images that will match the memories you keep, the little moments - the moments showing the luminous beings you are. 


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