hi there! I'm Katelyn


I'm deeply honored you would consider working with me and for taking your time to learn a little more about me. i'm a 30 year old star wars nerd, living in a little log cabin in Ossipee, NH, with my two kitty friends - Toki wartooth & Neville Bamshoot - and my husband mark.


I was born in MASSACHUSETTS and I grew up in a little town of Henniker, New hampshire, with my parents and older sister, Briana. I am lovingly reminded every Thursday with my mother's #tbt Facebook Posts, I have many memories captured because of her passion for photography. through my Mom's love of documenting our live, I was drawn to photography at a young age,  I took a few extra curricular classes in elementary school to learn the basics of using a DLSR Camera and continued in High School taking film and dark room classes.


More recently I studied at New York institute of photography and have taken several workshops in photography and newborn safety. My interest in childbirth came after seeing my sister give birth to my first awesome nephew. The experience was empowering, beautiful and humbling all at the same time - watching two people grow before my eyes into something more stunning than they were a mere moment ago -I knew I wanted to document it. From then my sister and her husband have welcomed another really cool dude and a gorgeous little lady into their family and I have been honored to witness them all enter this world. 


after meeting with another local birth Photographer and doula, Brooklyn of Mindful Mama Birth - She is really awesome guys, her clear passion and love for her work inspired me to look into Doula work. I attended a labor Doula training in Barre, Vermont - Home of the world's largest Zipper - organized by the Doula Project, a great organization that brings Doula care to underserved communities in Vermont, and was taught by DONA International Birth Doula trainer Rina Crane that started my journey to become a DONA International Certified Doula. 


 In my spare time or when EDITING session I'm an avid tv watcher - Game of Thrones, 30 Rock, Peep Show  Curb your enthusiasm and the Office are amongst my most favorites. When I'm not on call, my husband and I like to attend Comic Cons and collecting autographs, mostly Star Wars though our focus is ever expanding we have a good collection of Doctor Who, Adventure Time and Game of Thrones growing. We host our favorite holidays at our home, Thanksgiving and throw an annual Halloween Party and we absolutely love doing so. 


 About a year and half after my husband proposed to me - by creating a photo album of our lives, lives before we met, our life together and space for our future, it was really just the sweetest - this past May I was Silly walked down into our wedding by my parents, my father and I are big Monty Python Fans. We had an intimate wedding beautifully Officiated by my Father In Law, David -who is a Pastor of a Local church in Union, NH. Our parents, siblings and our nephews and Niece (In utero) attended. 


When marrying my favorite guy, I gained two incredible sisters, their wonderful husbands as the brothers I never had and five of just the coolest kids to call my nephews. I am grateful to be able to watch them grow and document our lives together. 


Thank you for taking your time to learn about little old me. 

 I know hiring a photographer can be a daunting task - I will do my best to make it a relaxed and fun experience. I promise will not make you "say cheese" or hug a tree, unless that's your thing and I'm totally ok with that.

I want to give you images that will match the memories you keep, the little moments - the moments showing the luminous being you are. 

 I hope to hear from you soon. 

Please enjoy some more silly old pictures of me and my family.

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